G(l)ee, she’s tall!… Jane Lynch

Glee isn’t on until tomorrow night (oh, the days between Tuesday and Tuesday pass so slowly…), but when I think of tall women who are currently in the limelight, Jane Lynch and her shrewd character Sue Sylvester instantly come to mind. Do you love to hate her or what?

Jane Lynch is 6 feet tall and also recently played as Julia Child’s taller sister, Dorothy, in Julie and Julia– where she fell in love with and married a man significantly shorter than she was. I know it’s happened to some of us!

In the last few years, Jane has definitely been cast in a lot of memorable odd-ballesque type roles (remember her in 40 Year Old Virgin?… shudder) and I would say that she uses her height to her advantage as she uses that presence when necessary to impose herself and make others feel uncomfortable in a very comedic way. That, and her excellent sense of humour. Keep an eye on Jane’s future cinematic and television appearances through ye old IMDB.

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