Burdened with the Umbrella

Today our fair city had a reluctant reprieve from the beautiful spring weather when I awoke to grey skies and an ambitious drizzle.  I, for one, am a careless Vancouverite- that, or I have just accepted that an umbrella doesn’t really prevent my hair from getting frizzy in this moist weather.

I was thinking all day today about something that is unique to tall ladies in this weather and I fought off  the urge to discuss the cliche that we are first to experience the rain, being so much closer to the clouds.

Instead, let’s acknowledge that as the tall person amongst friends, we are always stuck carrying the umbrella. Not to say that others don’t offer- let’s be honest, however, that no matter how hard they try to keep that umbrella propped up above our heads, we always get bopped in the head with the pole, or the fabric from the umbrella rests on your head and is really what’s keeping that thing up although from behind it looks like the umbrella has a deformity.

Another fun moment is when your hair gets caught in the spokes and ripped out of your head at a sudden dip in the pavement, curve, or falter of your friend’s arm muscles.

At that, I insist- allow me, I will carry the umbrella!

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