“Ditched” by a friend

As a tall woman, you might have been told before that you’re height is considered a intimidating. Apparently, this perception doesn’t even change in Hollywood.

I remember hearing this particular story many years ago when the movie Circle of Friends was first released. It was rumoured that Minnie Driver, a fellow glamazon of ours, challenged the directors of the movie as they wanted her to appear taller than her co-star Chris O’Donnell. Driver, at a respectable 5’10” is apparently the same height as O’Donnell but there were scenes where she had to walk on the street where he took the higher sidewalk, or she walked in a small dug-out ditch in scenes walking through the woods. What!!!

Minnie Driver is quoted as having said the following, according to celebheights.com-

It’s just such discrimination. It’s heightism. I can’t bear it. It’s so unfair. It’s like, ‘What do you have a camera for if not to cheat angles and to work around it?’…To cast you aside because you’re 5-foot-10 is absurd.”

I’ve never claimed heightism before (or labeled anything as such), but it may be my new favourite word. Thanks Min!

(I’m kidding about the heightism thing. We’re not victims!

Maybe half kidding.)

5 thoughts on ““Ditched” by a friend

  1. I think that you may be right about ‘Heightism’. Why shouldn’t this sort of discrimination be considered a problem, an actual problem and not a problem only worthy of urban dictionary. It affects short people as well tall people. When the person you are attracted to won’t reciprecate becasue of your height….there is a problem. If we substitude the word colour of your skin instead of height and head will roll, right?

    When you are a short girl, you are cute or adorable. However, when you are tall, you are sexy or model-like, why can’t it all be beautiful.

  2. So that was the movie?!! i’ve always wondered which movie it was, I heard that story years ago. As fellow tallie you don’t forget such a thing.

    • Yes, that story stayed with me for years and as you can see it was one of the first things I blogged about. I’m sure there are other movies where similar things have happened to tall women- I once heard that Chevy Chase refused to work with a woman taller than him, too.

  3. You know it is funny, especially with so many real-life hollywood couples where the woman is taller, that they would go to so much trouble to make Minnie seem shorter onscreen. As if people would boycott a film where the female lead is taller! If anything, people need to be shown that it’s not a big deal who is taller!

    • Yes, great point. I think so too! I had a lot of boys I had crushes on in school who were shorter than me, but I filed those in the “forever unrequited” pile because it didn’t seem like it could ever happen.

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