Tall Airlines

Can’t you just see it? Tall Airlines’ fleet will boast the first planes made to accommodate the comfort and eliminate the inconveniences that tall people experience when traveling by air.

Tall Airlines will feature:

– Higher seatbacks to allow for neck support

– At least 15 cm more leg room. This would also ensure that the person in the seat in front of you can recline their seat without crunching down on your kneecaps.

– Higher overhead compartments. I’m tired of the unnecessary strain on my back having to duck at the waist to get in and out of my seat.

…and more! As Tall Airlines is in its infancy stages of planning, I welcome more recommendations.

This post was obviously provoked by my travels this weekend on an airplane. Until Tall Airlines is fully operational, I have some tips for the tall travelers to minimize the frustrations:

– Ladies: wear flats. Soon, I will share my positioning on the “should tall ladies wear heels” debate, but in this case, I will always stand by wearing flats when traveling. This is a situation where enhancing your height is definitely not to your benefit.

– Ask for the seat by the emergency exit: depending on the aircraft, there is usually extra legroom between your seat and the one in front of you- OR, better yet, there is sometimes NO seat in front of you!

– Or, better yet, just plan ahead when booking your seat. I stumbled upon seatguru.com which lets you select your airline and flight number and then tells you which aircraft you will be on, which are the good seats, and which seats have drawbacks! Pretty cool.

There’s no question that traveling isn’t a pain in the patella for most people, but it is definitely worse those with limbs longer than the average, er, bird. Happy future travels!

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