Please spell “wannabe”

Last night a fried of mine and I went to the Granville Island to see a play at the Arts Club. Playing there night now is a funny musical-comedy called “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

No sooner had we walked through the box-office doors  we were approached by a volunteer for the play asking us if we were interested in participating in the play.

A lot of people shy away from moments like this. I would be lying if I said my friend and I hadn’t read the description of the play on the internet and commented on how fun it would be if we were called upon for audience interaction. Ask and ye shall receive!

I looked at the volunteer and spoke on both of our behalves with earnest- “Yes, we both want to!” (That die-hard high-school drama nerd is always lingering just below the surface waiting to come out!)

And with that, we were committed to participating in our first-ever spelling bees.  We filled out a questionnaire were provided with clear directions as to what to expect once the play began.

First of all, I must say this play was extremely funny and definitely worth checking out. Given that the price of a cheaper ticket is around $25, barely twice as much as a movie ticket, and at least four times as entertaining, it wouldn’t make sense to NOT go!

Without giving too much away, we were called to the stage with the other two volunteers and were provided with contestant numbers. In case you go see it, I won’t tell you what I was asked to spell- all I can say is, prepared to be a part of delivering a laugh to the audience (which feels great!) if you an audience volunteer.

Each time a contestant was called up to spell their word, they were introduced by the moderator. How do you think I might have been introduced?

As I stood in front of the mike, awaiting my word and allowing my eyes to adjust to those bright theatre lights that I miss so much, the moderator stated, “Yvonne is still waiting for that growth spurt.”

Big laughs!… I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t commented on my height. Anyway, I was the third of the volunteers to get kicked off the stage after “misspelling” a word and my friend was last- but we were up there for almost the whole first half of the play which made for a pretty unique experience! 

One thought on “Please spell “wannabe”

  1. Was an amazing experience! Glad to have shared it with you, my fellow Tall Lady 😉

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