The three people who were reading my blog may have noticed that I stopped contributing. Stopped being the only contributor to the blog I created. I let someone get inside my head. Myself. I can be quite persistent and the blogger part of me listened to other part of me rattling around up there. How I “didn’t know what I was doing,” and that I’d “lost my focus” because “I never really had one to begin with…”and I listened. It’s because I lost sight of what I was enjoying about this blog and already had doubt- but I’ve missed this. So it’s time to redefine. Part of me was right, even though that part was a bit mean- but seriously, I was taking this way too seriously. Seriously.

How shall I redefine? I am going to stick to tall stories. That’s pretty much it for now. Don’t read it if you think I need to define my perspective too much and take the fun out of it for me (ok, maybe there was someone external who got into my head, too. WHY DO I LET THEM DO THAT!)…

As I started this blog I was happy to hear that even though I was referring to specifically tall experiences, I was told that it was still relatable because everyone has a quirk or a physical uniquity that plagues or blesses oneself. Relate away! I love that anyone can get something out of this.

So, I’m back. Still tall. Not overthinking it, or this blog. It’s for myself- and I’m thrilled if you like it!