Is there a tall lady “nod?”

It’s like when drivers of the same car make flash their lights at one another on the road. A friend of mine used to have a Mini Cooper and once mentioned that she had participated in a reciprocal wave or headlight-flash of sorts with other Mini Cooper drivers. Respect. In the last few months, I have had a series of interactions with remarkably tall ladies and each one has been quite different and leaves me to wonder whether we need to decide if we are going to talk about the giraffe in the room and get that, “Yep, we’re both tall,” conversation out of the way. I am going to share these situations and welcome further opinion or insight.

THE STARBUCKS LINE UP: I found myself behind a lady wearing the same height heels and I am pretty sure, was the same height as me. Do we acknowledge?
NO. I am pretty confident on this one. Unless the line is extraordinarily long or there’s some other reason to chat, it doesn’t need to happen. Sometimes, it’s about as relevant as having the same color shoes. Coooooool……

IN A CLASSROOM: I took a course a few months back and one of my peers was arguably as tall as me, if not taller. Throughout the five days of class, there were a few moments where she shared a moment about the way her coworkers mocked her because of her height. I found myself longing, neigh- feeling entitled to a shout out. A simple, “Yvonne, you must get that sometimes,” or the opportunity for a knowing eyeroll exchange and smile. Didn’t happen. Seriously? Fine.

DRUNK AT THE BAR: This one is pretty obvious. You don’t have to think about this one for too long to figure out how this conversation goes:
On a crowded dance floor
Me: Heeeeeeyyyyyyy! Are you taller than me? I think you might be taller than me!
Tall girl: Hey noooooo! I think YOU’RE taller than meeeeeees!
Me: Really?!?! Noooo!? I can never tell if someone is taller or the same, when we’re all so TALL!
Tall girl: Yay being tall! [turns to her friend] This is my new friend! Look how tall she is!
Friend: Wow, you ARE both tall!

And so on. Fun is had by all. (Except for the men who don’t dig being surrounded by tall glamazons…That’s another post entirely.)

AT THE AIRLINE COUNTER: This was an experience I appreciated. A fellow tall lady was looking out for me. And I didn’t notice her at first- she was like a ninja, appearing from beyond the baggage belt. I was about to leave the counter and suddenly she was right behind med when I turned around. She handed me a piece of paper. “When you have a chance, have a look at this. It’s a clothing website for tall women.” I thanked her and appreciatively took the paper and looked at it: It’s an American based site and although I truthfully haven’t spent a lot of time on the site, the gesture was not lost on me.

In review of my experiences, it has not gone over my head that the desire to be acknowledged for our proud affliction (if you see it that way) is out there. By myself, and by others, even if they don’t want to throw me a bone. Maybe I’ll even start telling them about my li’l blog.


The 2011 Recap

To recap! – I wrote one post. That was it for 2011. Will 2012 be the same? Hopefully not. But I woke up this morning wanting to write, so here I am. Already matching my 2011 contribution to my blog.

So, do I have a tall-specific resolution to share? Not really. Don’t want to get taller… already have some high-heels…I’ll give it some thought, though. Ah, here’s one: write more for that tall lady blog I have!

I have noticed, however, that for the last few years that I find myself in the late days of the year already wanting to start my resolutions before clock strikes twelve. I feel it relieves the pressure of it being a New Year-specific resolution. In the last few days of December, I workout, I clean my place, I….er…. floss my teeth…. wanting to welcome the new year the way I want to live it. It feels good although I can’t say with total certainty that it has a better success rate than those regular resolutions.

I’ll keep this short (no discrimination intended!)- whether you started them before 2012 or not, I wish you all the best in your 2012 resolutions. I will see you more in 2012, and not just the top of your head.