The 2011 Recap

To recap! – I wrote one post. That was it for 2011. Will 2012 be the same? Hopefully not. But I woke up this morning wanting to write, so here I am. Already matching my 2011 contribution to my blog.

So, do I have a tall-specific resolution to share? Not really. Don’t want to get taller… already have some high-heels…I’ll give it some thought, though. Ah, here’s one: write more for that tall lady blog I have!

I have noticed, however, that for the last few years that I find myself in the late days of the year already wanting to start my resolutions before clock strikes twelve. I feel it relieves the pressure of it being a New Year-specific resolution. In the last few days of December, I workout, I clean my place, I….er…. floss my teeth…. wanting to welcome the new year the way I want to live it. It feels good although I can’t say with total certainty that it has a better success rate than those regular resolutions.

I’ll keep this short (no discrimination intended!)- whether you started them before 2012 or not, I wish you all the best in your 2012 resolutions. I will see you more in 2012, and not just the top of your head.

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