“Heel” YES.

At the risk of stretching that pun, maybe that title was “reaching.” (Does it every stop?) Hope not. Anyway- that title is my answer to the question: Should I, as a tall lady, wear heels?

You know my stance.(Albeit wobbly on those things!) Heel YES.  I strongly feel that I should not be deprived of some fantastic fashion because I already have a height advantage. Sure, girls wear heels to make them taller, but that is not the sole motivation:

– They make your calves look like they belong that of a marathon runner. If you’re already a marathon runner, then who can beat YOUR calves!

– They make you stand up straighter. Seriously, try slouching and wearing heels. The floor repels you.

– Instant confidence boost. For the above two reasons. And below.

– Try wearing a new pair of heels one day and seeing if at least one person doesn’t compliment your shoes. They just look so damn good.

As a tall lady, you may feel nature was unkind to you and proportioned your feet with your height, and thusly selection can be difficult in larger sizes. But don’t despair- longtallsally.com, for one, has some good designers in larger sizes.

And finally, the men: I am lucky that my man actually loves when I wear heels, even though I am taller than him when I do. (The rest of the time we’re the same size. Ish. I maintain I’m a smidge taller.) And if you’re a tall lady looking for a taller man anyway, then let those heels be your measuring stick! If he looks you in the eye when you’re in those heels, the rest of the time he’ll be at least 1-4 inches taller (depending on how ambitious you are, heel-wise!)

Right on.

I own these shoes.