Tall Health: Back Pain

Throughout my twenties (yes, unfortunately ALL of my twenties are behind me, wah) I experienced sporadic back pain. I was doing alright in my thirties until about two Thursdays ago when I suffered the most intense back pain of my life. Not only was it excruciating to walk more than quarter of a step at a time, it was painful to sit, lie down, and stand. I was a walking, er– hobbling- pity party. The worst part was that I felt that I could have prevented it.

It’s a small world

As I have discussed in this  blog and will continue to do, the world is not built for the vertically enhanced. My chiropractor, who helped me a lot during this time, reminded me that even a small hunch while standing at my counter chopping veggies causes extra strain on my spine. And I thought about how many times a week I do that.

So why did I think I could have prevented it? Simply because I know that to offset the extra everyday strains of low counters and uncomfortable chairs, among others, I need to make a concerted effort to keep myself fit- in particular my core. And had I ever let my strength and fitness slide.

This back brace is not a fashion statement

As comfortable as my back-brace belt is, I’d rather know that my own muscles can act to support my teetery spine rather than an external aid. Sheesh! To my friends and family- call me on my laziness and be enablers to my physical well being! And if you are tall too, let my experience be a reminder to you that keeping your spine in a strong, happy bed of muscles is the best thing you can do for yourself. I am going to start with Pilates, by recommendation of my chiropractor.

Check out this discussion at the Tall Street Journal (ha! cute, right?) regarding being tall and back pain for more info.

This is not me, but it will be soon.

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