Tall People Questions: Why are you so tall?

There I am, third little angel from the right. Almost a whole head taller than some of the girls in my class, and that’s in kindergarten. So, why am I so tall, now at 6’1”, and where I’ve been since Grade 9? Depending on who is asking you this question, there is a different emphasis on each word: Why ARE you so tall? Why  are you so TALL? Why are you SO tall? And finally, Why are YOU so tall? You get the jist. (My drama teacher would be proud.) People ask out of curiosity, and also not sure if they are asking because they think I have withheld some magic potion or secret. There are many possible reasons why we become so tall, and perhaps none of them stand alone. However, today I am going to share the most obvious reason.

My parents are both tall

How tall? My mum is 5’8” at her peak and my dad is 6’0”. Usually after explaining this, the next statement I get is something to the effect of, “But you’re taller then both of them, so how is that possible?” Genetics are a mysterious thing. Or not. I’m sure there are people (scientists, doctors, and people who understand it more than I) out there who can explain this to you. In my family, I have noticed that each generation of children is getting taller than his or her parents. We can argue that it’s due to what is being put in our food like our milk and meat, but perhaps it is evolution. Although my parents’ height doesn’t seem that tall for this day in age, I can assure you, they were also the giants of their schools.

Tall Mum

Proof! Yep, the statuesque tall girl in the back row on the far right is my mum. 1968! 5’8” in that time was very tall, although now I believe is considered average. In 1968, she clearly towers over her peers. The hair helps, yes, but check the eye level of the girl next to her. There’s a few inches of difference. So, how tall were her parents? Not tall. Way shorter. The mystery continues.

Tall Dad

Or does it? My dad is the strapping fellow in the back centre of the picture below (five in from the right), and his father was quote tall, I think measuring up at 5’10”.


Other possible causes

Mum maintains that another one of the reasons my brother an I are actually both tall is because we got plenty of sleep as children and ate very little sugar. I really wanted those Fruit Loops as a kid, but if denying me of that is the reason I am tall now (and have very few cavities) then I grateful.


3 thoughts on “Tall People Questions: Why are you so tall?

  1. Great post! I am tall because my mom is 6’1″ and my mom and my dad is 6’8″. There is no way I was going to be short. LOL


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