I missed this article a few months back. Very interesting. Some quick takeaways:
– Napoleon was actually tall compared to the average Frenchman of the time!
– People who are at a “height disadvantage” have many health challenges, but so do tallies.
– I have referred to “heightism” before in reference to being overlooked for movie roles because of being too tall, but clearly, this happens a lot to those on the other end of the spectrum.
– I am shocked about the salary information!
– Like the young ladies featured in the “Tall Girls” movie, people who are shorter also take drastic measures to change their appearance. Surgery for two and a half inches of height? Ouch.

National Post | News

Human beings, as a species, are taller than they have ever been.

When humanity’s primate ancestors rose up on their hind legs more than one million years ago, they stood a mere four feet off the ground – barely enough to peek over the savannah grasses covering their African home.

Now, the average male – in Canada, at least – is only three inches short of six feet. And, with lanky teens crowding high school classrooms, scientists expect we are only going to get taller.

In short, it is a bad time to be short.

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“Today, there remains one group that has made no progress in the face of rampant discrimination,” a spokesman with the U.S.-based National Organization of Short-Statured Adults, said in the 2008 Canadian documentary S&M, Short and Male.

Demographically, shorter has always been shorthand for unhealthy. The low doorways of colonial Quebec City and…

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