Halloween Costumes for the Tall Lady!

No words. Much like Slash.  Just shredding.

No words. Much like Slash. Just shredding.

This Tall Lady FINALLY started a Pinterest board, and what better time to launch it than just before Halloween which is one of the reasons I believe Pinterest was created in the first place. (My page is a work in progress… stay tuned but do check out a few Halloween ideas!)

Take a look at some of the fun ideas that really work for the vertically enhanced. I’ve said this before and I will say it again- tall ladies make the best Disney villains!

However, Cindy Crawford makes a wicked hot Slash. #welcometothejungle

Maybe Rockstar is another viable option….


Tall Lady at Her First Blogger Event!

A blogger event? Me? I felt like I would be an imposter. Yes, I have a blog, but I have been inconsistent at my postings, but recently, I have made the decision to go all-in. But I didn’t think I would fit in with a group of well-established professional bloggers. But I was wrong, because apparently, by nature, my fellow Vancouver  bloggers are friendly, funny, helpful and supportive. That’s how I wound up there in the first place, by a new connection, the lovely Eschelle of Mumfection, who coaxed me and made me feel like not belonging was not an option.

I wanted to share some highlights with you, and some things I learned about my first blogger event.

The Introduction and forming of a Tall Lady Legion

At the beginning of the night before the speakers began, they decided we could go around the room and introduce ourselves, And of course, they started with me. By complete fluke. I didn’t even think geographically that made sense based on room formation, but that was probably cause I was being a chicken.

“Hi everyone, my name is Yvonne… my blog is Who’s That Tall Lady dot com…” and before I could go on, one by one, two other tall ladies in the room stood up. I love it when the Tall Ladies stand together! I didn’t have a chance to talk to them both, but check out Angela Crocker’s website and blog. Angela chatted with me a bit later and I shared with her some of my insecurities about blogging and she gave me some very helpful advice.

I Need To Get Better at Documenting!

Don’t forget to take pics! I really need to remember to take more pictures. I took one. That was it. See below. It’s of food, so I figure that’s a good start!


The delicious and beautiful treats provided at Neverland Tea Salon!

Get my Tweet on: As it was a Parent Bloggers Unite event (and no, I’m not even a parent- how inclusive are they?), the hashtag was #PBUYVR. I also learned I need to just get a liiiiittle bit faster at Tweeting.  I find it difficult to tweet, though, and make sure I am not missing any of the valuable information being shared by Nicole Christen, guest speaker, founder and CEO of My Real Review.

I was sitting beside blogger and fitness industry expert Dai Manuel and before I even realized that people were tweeting, I opened Twitter and Dai had already tweeted about 37 times. Insightful and interesting Tweets about what Nicole was saying. I guess with live-Tweeting and the fitness, you only improve if you practice!

Get Proper Business Cards

I have proper business cards for my 9-5, but I don’t have them to represent my blogger-self. I had to get by and felt uber rinky-dink by handing out my work business cards with my blog URL scrawled on them.

And Last But Not Least…. Write to Write

It was great to hear Nicole reiterate that while there is opportunity to monetize blogs, she reminded us to “write to write” if that’s why we started in the first place. For me, it definitely is, and I wanted to write something I would find interesting, and hope that I could reach others, too. The community, the great people I meet through blogging… that is all a huge bonus!

Until next time!



New Shoe Line | Why I Have Waited So Long to Talk About Shoes

Today, I am very proud to educate you about a fashionable new shoe line!

Upper Street by Nicole Smallwood

Stylish and sexy, this line just launched at the beginning of October and was deigned by Nicole Smallwood for Upper Street London. Here are a few major highlights:

  • They range from size 10 – 12.5, and you can also select the width.
  • They are CUSTOMIZABLE (you heard me). You can chose from two heel heights, if the style permits – mid OR high!
  • They are SUPER customizable (yeah, I know I just said that, but wait for it…) you can also customize other features, like colour and fabric. So cool!
  • The fabric quality is very high and the shoes have extra cushioning for comfort.
  • Nicole Smallwood is a celebrity stylist with over 12 years experience in the fashion industry, and co-founder of Upper Street, Katy Chandler, is  no stranger to the struggles of looking for fashionable footwear, being a size 11.5. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Yes, they are priced on the higher end, but how great would it feel to be the gal on the receiving end of this sentiment: “Oh my god, I LOVE your shoes… where did you get them?”


Time to Talk Shoes

You may have noticed that I have never broached the topic of footwear for tall ladies, who typically have larger feet. (Or it never occurred to you. Either or.)

Alas, I have been avoiding it. It’s because it’s a sensitive subject. I have worried that I might alienate my readers, but then I realized that of course I need to talk about shoes- it is in the interest of my readers! So, without further adieu, here it is:

I have abnormally small feet for someone who is my height. I’m an 8 – 8.5. I realize that other tall ladies consider me incredibly lucky. I’ve been called a freak and been on the receiving end of many a-hateful glares from fellow tall ladies.  Rest assured, I am sure my balance suffers a significant amount because of this. My friend, Michelle, maintains that I am a marvel of physics because I should just tip over. (Sometimes, I do.)

I recently realized, though, that not looking into larger footwear options is not helpful to my community. I hope you like the first instalment!