About Tall Lady

So, who is that tall lady?

She’s you. You’re a little taller than the average gal.  Maybe you’re a lot taller than the average gal. Either way, as an esteemed tall lady, your experiences are unique.

This tall lady’s name is Yvonne, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. (I know it’s raining before anyone else!)  She’s 6’1″, and is a bit of a goof. She sees the world from a different view, and not just because her eyes are higher up.  She often doesn’t notice someone else’s height unless they are as tall or taller than she is, or unless a shorter person points out, “Wow, I feel so short next to you.” She beseeches: don’t feel short.

She is proud of her height despite the common gripes and perceived afflictions of being “tall.”  (Clothes never fit. So many boys are shorter. Feels awkward in crowds. Has been asked too many times, “How’s the weather up there?…etc.) Wanted to start this blog for all tall ladies to share. To share our tall experiences, our tall thoughts, our tall tales and, what the heck, our tall orders. (She’s also not afraid to make fun of herself. Weather’s great, thanks.)


4 thoughts on “About Tall Lady

  1. I feel short next to everyone……even including my kids….when they were still only about 10 years old…….I’m 5ft 2 😦 but some of my best friends are tall people so I don’t discriminate. We talk down and up to each other and somewhere at the mid point we communicate quite effectively 🙂

  2. I’m 6’6 and I love to be tall. As you say – I don’t usually think about the fact that I’m tall – it’s other people who feel an unbearable need to point it out for me.

    I’ve learned 99% are just curious and astonished and I receive most comments as compliments. It helps a lot to cheer everyone up! Give them a high five! (Colleen Smith-style 😉

    • That is very true, they are mostly compliments and it doesn’t annoy me because in most cases, people say they wish they were taller! For a while I didn’t know what to say, but I always say thank you. And now I will high-five!

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