Tall Lady Fitness: Zumba

I am the first to admit that I have tried nearly every exercise “fad” there is. Some I have enjoyed more than others, like Bikram’s Hot Yoga and Pilates, and I fully intend to return to although I have not been practising regularly. I’ve been a Spinning fiend, a Kickboxing klutz, a Bootcamp blitzer and an Insantity addict. (Don’t ask me what happens to me on a treadmill.)

But yesterday, I think became a Zumba zealot. I took the course at my local Steve Nash Fitness club and was totally unsure what to expect.

What you need to expect/ prepare for you if you take a Zumba class:

1. Let go of self-consciousness.  If you have decided to take a Zumba class, you cannot worry for a second about how silly you might look. If you are not the most coordinated person in the world, you absolutely will look silly. If you are tall and uncoordinated to boot, you will be a flailing gong show. But you need to let go of the thought that anyone else cares about what you are doing cause they focusing on what they are doing.

2. Even if you aren’t doing the moves exactly, you will get a good workout trying. I sometimes get discouraged when I feel like I am barely keeping up, but the music in this class and the energy of the instructor definitely kept me moving, and smiling, even though I was at least three steps behind.

3. Let go of your inhibitions. When I was dancing (er… exercising!) I likened the feeling I was having to a) being a kid in my room and dancing like crazy because no one was watching, b) being at a dance club when you might be a little tipsy, shaking your booty, whipping your hair and stomping out salsa steps like you are a professional ballroom dancer and c) just some goof who was having a good time because she, well, see points 1 and 2.

Regardless of how clumsy I might have looked, there were moments where I just felt like a Latin-dance goddess. It’s a fitness class, dance lesson, a uninhibiting hour of seductive self-realization.

No, this is not an endorsed post, but I would say that was so much fun that I am really looking forward to the next class. If you want to try Zumba, this link takes you to the Zumba site which shows you where you can do a Zumba class in your town!


Stay tuned for a picture of me Zumba-ing. Maybe.