New Shoe Line | Why I Have Waited So Long to Talk About Shoes

Today, I am very proud to educate you about a fashionable new shoe line!

Upper Street by Nicole Smallwood

Stylish and sexy, this line just launched at the beginning of October and was deigned by Nicole Smallwood for Upper Street London. Here are a few major highlights:

  • They range from size 10 – 12.5, and you can also select the width.
  • They are CUSTOMIZABLE (you heard me). You can chose from two heel heights, if the style permits – mid OR high!
  • They are SUPER customizable (yeah, I know I just said that, but wait for it…) you can also customize other features, like colour and fabric. So cool!
  • The fabric quality is very high and the shoes have extra cushioning for comfort.
  • Nicole Smallwood is a celebrity stylist with over 12 years experience in the fashion industry, and co-founder of Upper Street, Katy Chandler, is  no stranger to the struggles of looking for fashionable footwear, being a size 11.5. Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Yes, they are priced on the higher end, but how great would it feel to be the gal on the receiving end of this sentiment: “Oh my god, I LOVE your shoes… where did you get them?”


Time to Talk Shoes

You may have noticed that I have never broached the topic of footwear for tall ladies, who typically have larger feet. (Or it never occurred to you. Either or.)

Alas, I have been avoiding it. It’s because it’s a sensitive subject. I have worried that I might alienate my readers, but then I realized that of course I need to talk about shoes- it is in the interest of my readers! So, without further adieu, here it is:

I have abnormally small feet for someone who is my height. I’m an 8 – 8.5. I realize that other tall ladies consider me incredibly lucky. I’ve been called a freak and been on the receiving end of many a-hateful glares from fellow tall ladies.  Rest assured, I am sure my balance suffers a significant amount because of this. My friend, Michelle, maintains that I am a marvel of physics because I should just tip over. (Sometimes, I do.)

I recently realized, though, that not looking into larger footwear options is not helpful to my community. I hope you like the first instalment!



Tall Pants: My Lululemons are ripped at the bottom and that’s OK with me

Not until the last ten years or so have I noticed a selection – and that’s a stretch – of long-pant clothing options. And even though it has increased, I still have to check the hem at the bottom of a pair of pants before I buy them to see how much I can let them down. Dress pants in particular and athletic wear in particular.

Back when jogging pants were the “in” thing..

For whatever reason, jogging suits were the trendy uniform of choice in grade four and five. And that wasn’t awesome for me, because in order to get jogging pants that were somewhat long enough, I would have to get them a size or two bigger than what I needed and often made me look like… “a marshmallow.” There are quotes around that, because I quote a boy from my class who called me “a marshmallow.”  Another alternative was to buy the grey unisex jogging suit that was not cute at all. AND WHO COULD FORGET THE ELASTIC AROUND THE ANKLE- or in my case, above the ankle. Ugh.

Ohhhhh, all I needed to do was add heels and that would have made them cool.

Cut to 2005 – Tall Lady enters Lululemon

One or two pairs of Brooks trackpants later, I decided it might be time to see what all the hype was about. I am not entirely sure how I made it that long before actually purchasing anything from Lululemon, but I did. (And in Vancouver, that’s a miracle.)

Low and behold, I tried on a pair of their classic Groove pants- AND THEY HIT THE FLOOR. Because they have “tall” options. That’s ME!

Because I was a newbie to Lululemon, like most other pants, I figured they would shrink a bit so I opted not to get them hemmed. Even though they said they wouldn’t, I figured I knew better.

And so, the pants dragged on the ground. And now they are all frayed, ripped and torn after years of continuing to refuse to get them properly hemmed. And it’s because I never knew what it felt like to have pants that were too long for me. I still like the feeling, and I still wear them. And yes, they are over seven years old and still don’t see any need to get new ones as otherwise, they are in fantastic condition.

These yoga pants have taken a beating and are going strong.
Let’s rock.

They are pretty hardcore as far as my commitment to these pants go. It looks like I am not afraid to get into a rumble on my way into a yoga class. Yeah, maybe with my mean “Standing Bow Pose”.


My Tall Lady Wedding Dress Experience

It has been several years since I have experienced the excitement of wedding dress shopping. And that it was exciting- like all brides, I bought a plethora of magazines, scoured the internet and visited multiple bridal boutiques in hopes of finding “the one”. To this day, I love to leaf through a magazine and see the wedding dress trends of today and consider- if I were to get married today instead of over 5 years ago, would my dress be much different?

Nope. I loved it. Why? I got it made for me.

I find that I am sometimes able to get by shopping in select regular stores that have longer measurements for pants and sleeve lengths. And I’m sure tall ladies everywhere shared a collective sense of joy when loooong tops and tunics became (and have stayed, so far) a fashion staple. But wedding dresses- sure you can take down the hem, but what about the waistline?  Yes, tall women are long-legged in most cases, but a lot of the proportion and height comes from having a long torso.

I found that when I tried on wedding dresses, the bodice never hit in quite the right spot and looked AWKWARD. Having grown into my height some time ago and being quite proud of it, the last thing I want to feel on my wedding day is that awkward feeling I experienced in my teens. My mum’s friend had recommended a local Vancouver designer and after trying on several awkward dresses, we thought it would be worth it to pay him a visit and get an estimate.

So, isn’t it expensive?

Of course it can depend where your budget is in the first place. Personally, I have accepted that a product of being tall is shelling out a little bit for my clothes to fit properly, and it is so worth it when everything hits in the right place. In my experience, the cost of having the dress made in a design that I loved and would fit me to a tall “T” was actually quite reasonable-  and in quite a few cases (depending on the designers you are looking at),  less than what I would have paid for a dress from a boutique.

If you’re a tall gal in Vancouver, here is the website of the designer who created my dress. On my wedding day, I felt comfortable, beautiful and confident and that feeling should be a given and not something you have to even consider on that day, of all days. If you are located in other areas of this fine continent, I recommend you grab a few pictures of your favourite dresses from magazines and consult with a local designer to see what magic they can conjure up for you in the form of stunning white (off-white, pearl, ivory, etc…) gown.

We’re Tall, and We Blog!

As one of my twitter followers said to me a few weeks ago, “We are tall legion.” In the blogosphere, it looks to be true. We clearly have a lot to share!

It’s funny. When I first had the idea for this blog, I think I did a quick Google search of exactly what I wanted to name my blog. Eager to start, I quickly scanned the search results, and thought, “Nice! There isn’t a blog called ‘Who’s That Tall Lady’.” I may have also naively thought that there weren’t any interesting tall woman blogs out there.

It’s OK and sometimes great to be wrong

It occurred to me to try again. I did a couple different searches one day and had more success finding some fellow glamazons. Over the last few months, I realized how important it is to connect and support like-minded and like-heighted individuals in the blogosphere. Having found some other tall girl blogs that I like, I love the camaraderie and inspiration they seem to glean from one another. I would like to share some of these blogs with you because I have enjoyed reading and learning from them. Without further adieu:

A Short List  of Other Tall Lady Blogs

The Junoesque – Did you know that “junoesque” means (of a woman) imposingly tall and shapely? I did not and I LOVE that! This is a great blog which seems to have started out sharing experiences and has since evolved. Love!

Tall Snob ALL CLOTHES AND FASHION! So awesome.

Height Goddess Also focuses on fashion and style for the vertically enhanced lady. How much do you love the name?

Arianna’s Random Thoughts Not a blog specifically about tall women, but she IS a tall lady! Her blog is interesting, informative and positive.

I’m sure there are more out there!

If you know of others worthy of note, I’d love to know.

Long Legs come with the territory at

It’s a widely acknowledged struggle: as lucky as Tall Ladies are to be blessed with legs that go up to “here”, pant shopping has always been a bone of contention. The size of a Tall Lady femur, I’d say.

Thankfully, a lot of designers now support the 34″ in-seam and in denim, you’ll frequently find 36″. That being said, it can be tough to find. Let me help you! is shopping site specifically designed for tall women’s clothing. There are several reasons I  like this site, aside from the obvious.

One: Canadian site. ‘Nuff said.

Two: Their models are real tall ladies. Not just models who happen to be really tall- they held a contest a few months back (unfortunately, I couldn’t enter as there were geographic restrictions) looking for a real tall lady to be their model.

Three: Practically ALL of their clothes accommodate the physical attributes a tall lady might possess- including the long torso. Their  jackets, shirts and blouses are all longer in the waist. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a shirt that billows in the waist and stomach, 4 sizes too big, just to get it somewhat long enough. No more!

And fancy that- they are having a sidewalk sale right now until August 1st!