Tall AND Versatile?… I try!

I told you I was excited.
Picture taken by Butter Media

Well, this is a treat! Sweet Elayna from The Junoesque nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger” award. Meeeee?!?!?!? I have to tell you, this lovely network of tall ladies that I have stumbled upon (ok, I sought them out- I could easily find them in a crowd!) has been so supportive. Single tear from Tall Lady. No, it’s not raining.

With this nomination carries duty. (Am I too old to think that word is funny?) They are as follows:

  • To tell you seven things about myself that you don’t already know.
  • And to nominate 15 other bloggers. I’m going to make it five because I don’t quite know 15. Blush. Shame on me, blogger. Also, Junoesque already nominated quite a few of the fellow tall lady bloggers so I don’t want to be redundant.

Seven Things You Don’t Know About Tall Lady

1. I could eat popcorn for days without stopping.

2. I once did a 30-Day Bikram’s Yoga challenge. This was in 2008. I have been back no more than five times since.

3. Of the myriad of professions I considered being as a child, three of them were pilot, actor and author. Back in the ‘80s, blogging wasn’t a “thing” yet, so does this count? AND I’ve acted in community theatre AND my Dad has let me control the yoke (wheel-thingy) of his plane while flying. Kinda counts for each, right? Look at me fulfilling my destiny.

4. Total nutso Beatles fan. So much so, it got away from me in high school. Voted “Most Likely to Marry Ringo Starr.” No! It was about the MUSIC!!! (Seriously, I’m not that old. The Beatles Anthology came out when I was in high school, not their first US hit.)

5. When I was a kid I once ate soap thinking it was cream cheese. I promise I was no more than four years old, but it’s a memory that has stayed with me.

6. I can be a bit of a…

7. procrastinator.

And now for the nominees:

1. Arianna’s “Random” Thoughts: I love Arianna’s blog because she writes with so much heart, and about a lot of different topics. It’s not just a clever name.

2. Revel Events: A local wedding planner’s blog whose site can provide inspiration for you, no matter where you are holding your wedding!

3. Liz Sauve: Insights and perspectives from a young Public Relations professional on pop culture, marketing yourself and more. New blog, let’s give her some love!

4. Well fed, flat broke: Name says it all! Good food without breaking the bank and a well-written blog.

5. TBD. (See #7 above.)

Once again, thank you Elayna for the honour and thank you Versatile Blogger Award for existing!


The CN Tower Pales in Comparison

Renata  is my first non-celebrity Tall Lady profile. What’s special about her? Aside from being my cousin (accompanied by my brother in the pic above!), first of all, she reaches the requirements of Tall Lady, standing at a proud and bold 5’11”. And, like many other Tall Ladies, it took her a little while to embrace her height- which she says she now worships.

The “CN Tower”, as she has been hilariously nicknamed, is currently a student finishing her second year at Western University in London, ON. She’s brainy with beguiling beauty and can boast the ability to tower over friends and crowds alike. (I’m aware of the excessive alliteration. Deal.) The best part about it? She can do so without stressing out her feet (and back) in those heels. Sure, they look great at times- but for a night out? They are a bigger pain than a positive.

I’m sure all, if not most, Tall Ladies can identify with the tough time we had growing up and being taller than the rest of the kids in the class. Being accused of failing a grade or two for the enhanced stature doesn’t come close to outweighing the joy of people who now say they wish they had her height. Like so many of the things that are uttered during our school years, add that to the echoes in our mind that we roll our eyes or contentedly sneer at.

For the gentlemen who look up at women like Renata in admiration from a slightly lower altitude:  I asked Renata if she would date a shorter guy and while she states it’s not her preference, it’s not a– say it with me now– deal breaker. So there is hope when it comes to the possibility of true love! Aw.

So, yeah. My first Tall Lady profile is someone related to me. You think it’s genetic?

“Ditched” by a friend

As a tall woman, you might have been told before that you’re height is considered a intimidating. Apparently, this perception doesn’t even change in Hollywood.

I remember hearing this particular story many years ago when the movie Circle of Friends was first released. It was rumoured that Minnie Driver, a fellow glamazon of ours, challenged the directors of the movie as they wanted her to appear taller than her co-star Chris O’Donnell. Driver, at a respectable 5’10” is apparently the same height as O’Donnell but there were scenes where she had to walk on the street where he took the higher sidewalk, or she walked in a small dug-out ditch in scenes walking through the woods. What!!!

Minnie Driver is quoted as having said the following, according to celebheights.com-

It’s just such discrimination. It’s heightism. I can’t bear it. It’s so unfair. It’s like, ‘What do you have a camera for if not to cheat angles and to work around it?’…To cast you aside because you’re 5-foot-10 is absurd.”

I’ve never claimed heightism before (or labeled anything as such), but it may be my new favourite word. Thanks Min!

(I’m kidding about the heightism thing. We’re not victims!

Maybe half kidding.)

G(l)ee, she’s tall!… Jane Lynch

Glee isn’t on until tomorrow night (oh, the days between Tuesday and Tuesday pass so slowly…), but when I think of tall women who are currently in the limelight, Jane Lynch and her shrewd character Sue Sylvester instantly come to mind. Do you love to hate her or what?

Jane Lynch is 6 feet tall and also recently played as Julia Child’s taller sister, Dorothy, in Julie and Julia– where she fell in love with and married a man significantly shorter than she was. I know it’s happened to some of us!

In the last few years, Jane has definitely been cast in a lot of memorable odd-ballesque type roles (remember her in 40 Year Old Virgin?… shudder) and I would say that she uses her height to her advantage as she uses that presence when necessary to impose herself and make others feel uncomfortable in a very comedic way. That, and her excellent sense of humour. Keep an eye on Jane’s future cinematic and television appearances through ye old IMDB.