Which Tall Animal Are You?

People seem to be always comparing other people to animals. But which animal do you think you are?

1. The Giraffe: The Hot-Headed Socialite

  • Can grow up to nineteen feet tall
  • Social animals, usually found in groups which frequently change
  • Use their necks as weapons in combat, called “necking.” When humans use that word, they usually mean something else… but you may be most like a giraffe if you often find yourself “necking.”

2. The African Elephant: The One Who Never Forgets Birthdays

  • Up to 13′ tall
  • Large ears- hearing is SHARP! Can’t get much past them.
  • Very close to their families
  • Among the world’s most intelligent species, known for demonstrations of humour, grief, love and memory.

3. The Blue Whale: The Blues Singer (didn’t see that one coming, did you. Just cause they’re horizontal doesn’t mean they’re not tall!)

  • 100′ “tall”
  • Likes to swim
  • Sing whale songs to one another to communicate location and feelings
  • Very few (or no) natural predators due to size

4. Grizzly Bear: The Protector Who You Think Will Bite Your Head Off But Won’t

    • Up to seven feet tall
    • Very protective of family
    • Gets cranky when they don’t get their meat and veggies

5. Red Kangaroo: The Fighter Who You Can’t Sneak Up On

  • Up to 9.8 feet long including tails
  • Quick to scrap with other kangaroos, starting with fists and then progress to kicking with feet while balancing on their tails
  • Field of vision is almost 300 degrees because of the position of their eyes. ALL SEEING!

I’m definitely an elephant, although my husband would argue that my memory isn’t great…

Tell me who you think you are!

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The 2011 Recap

To recap! – I wrote one post. That was it for 2011. Will 2012 be the same? Hopefully not. But I woke up this morning wanting to write, so here I am. Already matching my 2011 contribution to my blog.

So, do I have a tall-specific resolution to share? Not really. Don’t want to get taller… already have some high-heels…I’ll give it some thought, though. Ah, here’s one: write more for that tall lady blog I have!

I have noticed, however, that for the last few years that I find myself in the late days of the year already wanting to start my resolutions before clock strikes twelve. I feel it relieves the pressure of it being a New Year-specific resolution. In the last few days of December, I workout, I clean my place, I….er…. floss my teeth…. wanting to welcome the new year the way I want to live it. It feels good although I can’t say with total certainty that it has a better success rate than those regular resolutions.

I’ll keep this short (no discrimination intended!)- whether you started them before 2012 or not, I wish you all the best in your 2012 resolutions. I will see you more in 2012, and not just the top of your head.


The three people who were reading my blog may have noticed that I stopped contributing. Stopped being the only contributor to the blog I created. I let someone get inside my head. Myself. I can be quite persistent and the blogger part of me listened to other part of me rattling around up there. How I “didn’t know what I was doing,” and that I’d “lost my focus” because “I never really had one to begin with…”and I listened. It’s because I lost sight of what I was enjoying about this blog and already had doubt- but I’ve missed this. So it’s time to redefine. Part of me was right, even though that part was a bit mean- but seriously, I was taking this way too seriously. Seriously.

How shall I redefine? I am going to stick to tall stories. That’s pretty much it for now. Don’t read it if you think I need to define my perspective too much and take the fun out of it for me (ok, maybe there was someone external who got into my head, too. WHY DO I LET THEM DO THAT!)…

As I started this blog I was happy to hear that even though I was referring to specifically tall experiences, I was told that it was still relatable because everyone has a quirk or a physical uniquity that plagues or blesses oneself. Relate away! I love that anyone can get something out of this.

So, I’m back. Still tall. Not overthinking it, or this blog. It’s for myself- and I’m thrilled if you like it!

Who’s that (tall) lady?

Maybe you don’t acknowledge that it happened, or laugh it off, or maybe even act a little annoyed. But you enter a crowded room, and people notice. “Who’s that tall lady?”

I thought by walking with my head down, shoulders slumped and back arched I became less visible. Well, the theory of “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me,” was never more untrue (although to be honest, it’s not much of a theory. It applies, what, 4% of the time?). You’re still seen, but much differently. And if you are going to be noticed anyway, be noticed looking proud to be you.

And you might be a tall teen (cause I have been there… oh, have I been there!), a tall twenty-something, a tall mommy, a tall bride, and tall professional, a tall retiree; you get it… and if so, this is for you.

So, welcome, fellow tall lady! As a lady of vertically enhanced stature, I decided it was time to extend my hand on the end of my lanky arm to all tall ladies. Here, we will focus on several amazonian afflictions and affections. And even some other things that I hope to surprise you with.

Stay tuned… for now, I’m going to sign off. I have a basketball practice to go to.