Out from Under the Fashion Rock: TOPSHOP’s Tall Range

I love clothes, but in order to avoid temptation, I avoid temptation. I evade shopping sites, shopping malls and other specific stores so I will not be tempted to buy, buy, buy. I digest fashion trends by reading blogs and basically just seeing what the ladies are wearing.

That preamble serves to explain to you why I never knew that Vancouver’s TOPSHOP has a tall section! What the WHAT!

I have been into TOPSHOP before, but I didn’t give it a solid look-through because typically clothes that are mass produced (like H & M) and at a lower price point generally don’t have a hope in hell of fitting me correctly. But if they have a dedicated tall section- that’s a whole other bowl of string beans.

Last week, I posted this hilarious Buzz Feed¬†article on Facebook and most of my tall friends mentioned how much they laughed at the point about rompers and skirts. I maintain that I get a horrid frontal wedgie or “camel toe” as we so adoringly call it if a romper will ever fit me at all. So, imagine my surprise when….


One of my best friends who is getting married in less than a week rocked a ROMPER from TOPSHOP to her stagette on Saturday!

I can’t find the exact print she was wearing, but here is the link to an adorable yellow one– same cut and lace detail in the back. PS- the British call it a “playsuit.” How adorable is that? Makes me want one even more.

But for the heck of it, here is the only image I have from the evening of the lovely Jenna 5’10” wearing her romper! Looking fab in your playsuit and bachelorette sash!

Jenna RomperAnd for fun, I started a Pinterest board of some quick picks from TOPSHOP. (Which was dangerous- I almost have a basket full!)

Stay tuned for some fun in-store finds, coming soon!