What Tall Lady Wants to Share

What do tall ladies have to talk about, you ask? Many things! And if you have more suggestions or requests, I’d love to hear them. Below is a general guideline of what you might find on a random WTTL blog check:

  • Tips and other declarations
  • Clothes!
  • Inspiration from and about other tall ladies. Not just celebs.
  • Rants. Letting off a little steam at this height doesn’t hurt anyone

… and it will continue to grow. Just like we do, for all eternity. (Have you grown? You seem taller than the last time I saw you. Why yes, yes I did. I act annoyed, but it is funny, no?)


2 thoughts on “What Tall Lady Wants to Share

  1. Be proud of who you are, your height is envied by many.
    As once a tall lady from youth till sometime in my early fifties, I have lost – horrors – over an inch in height. It happens ladies. Love who you are, perfect and complete.

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